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Special Thanks to All of Our Members Who Shared Their Favorite Recipes

  • Eggs In Purgatory

    This spicy dish is perfect for a Sunday morning, or any morning!

    30 Minutes

    8 Servings

  • How to Maximize a Whole Chicken

    For those who need help on what to do with a whole chicken. This step by step will offer meals from one whole chicken for three days. From our pasture and kitchen to your home.

    5 minutes

    15 Servings

  • Puerco con chile

    Traditional Mexican simmered stove top pork-the way Diana's mami has always made it.

    1 hour

    8 Servings

  • Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

    Quick, nutritious weekday meal recipe! Thanks to Shelly (Marino) Sollohub for teaching us how to keep this dish going in the family. CSA members can enjoy this any week during the CSA season!

    20 Minutes

    8 Servings

  • Salsa Huevona

    Salsa Huevona which translates to lazy salsa is the easy, quick salsa Diana's mami would make growing up. All you need is a bag of chips, favorite taco recipe, or even some eggs!

    5 Minutes

    10 Servings

  • Mexican Salsa

    Cooked traditional salsa. You will never go back to the can once you realize how easy salsa is to make! You can use this to pair with your favorite taco recipe or to dip in chips!

    20 Minutes

    8 Servings

  • Pesto

    Staple for any fridge and freezer! Learn how to use and preserve ingredients you will get throughout the season.

    15 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Kale Chips

    Crowd pleasing snack! Tastes like potato chips-but it's packed with way more nutrition.

    35 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Tomato Cute Salad

    Tomato and cucumber salad recipe shared by Candy Muraski!

    20 minutes

    6 Servings

  • Sugar Snap Peas with Lemon

    Say hello to this super easy sugar snap peas with lemon side dish. This sugar snap peas recipe is my go-to side dish recipe when I don’t have a lot of time for preparing a healthy side dish. It comes together in 10 minutes and can be paired with so many of your favorite entrees. Thank you to Kim Kronau for sharing this recipe from

    20 Minutes

    5 Servings

  • Escarole and Walnut Salad

    Earthy walnuts and a sweet-and-sour sherry vinaigrette are the perfect complement to this slightly bitter winter green. Thank you to Kim Kronau for sharing this recipe that is from Martha Stewart.

    5 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast)

    Yummy recipe shared by Jon Marks of @BarkingChickenFarm! Traditionally with carrots, cabbage and scallions. Jon substituted salad turnips for carrots since that's what they got in their farm share.

    20 minutes

    2 Servings

  • One-Pan Steak And Radishes

    Main dish using fresh vegetables commonly incorporated in CSA shares. Thank you to Kim Kronau for sharing this recipe she and her family enjoys. Recipe is from Hannaford.

    40 Minutes

    2 Servings

  • Preservation Series: Blanched Kale or Chard

    Learn how to preserve kale or chard.

    30 minutes

    10 Servings

  • Preservation Series: Blanching Scapes

    Learn to preserve garlic scapes.

    30 minutes

    8 Servings

  • Preservation Series: Freezing Farm Fresh Eggs

    Learn how to freeze eggs.

    10 minutes

    12 Servings


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