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Preservation Series: Freezing Farm Fresh Eggs

10 minutes

12 Servings


Do you find yourself buying eggs in the grocery store in the winter and desperately miss the orange yolks and mild flavored pasture raised chicken eggs? In high summer, our family makes sure that we preserve our eggs by freezing them in a few simple and EASY steps.

Preservation Series:  Freezing Farm Fresh Eggs


  • Place desired number of eggs in a bowl and mix with a mixer.  We usually preserve a dozen at a time.

  • Pour eggs into ice cube trays and place in freezer.  

  • Once eggs are frozen, remove eggs from trays and place in ziplock bag.  Continue to add eggs to same bag throughout the summer and enjoy in winter.

  • Enjoy eggs in baking (must be thawed before use) or to make scrambled breakfast eggs all winter long!



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