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CSA Share in a Pan

15 minutes

6 Servings


Thank you so much to Elena del Peral for sharing her favorite CSA recipe. Not sure what to do with all of the herbs, veggies, and protein? Just throw it all in a pan! The main dish will always mix things up from a culinary perspective while providing dense healthy nourishment.

CSA Share in a Pan


Silce, dice and peel all of the vegetables and herbs from the weekly CSA share.  Throw into a bowl and set aside.

Slice meat or sausage from weekly CSA share to desired length.  Place in pan with favorite oil to begin to cook on medium heat.  Make sure that the pan is big enough to hold all of the vegetables and the meat.

After meat begins to brown and is almost done, add all of the vegetables and cover to ensure the steam helps cook all of the vegetables evenly.  Stir occasionally to avoid sticking.  If the pan begins to stick, add a little bit of water to prevent further sticking.

Cook all contents until meat is safe internal temperature and the vegetables are desired consitancy.  



1 CSA Share

3 tablespoons of favorite cooking oil

1/3 cup of water

1 deep pan or ductch oven

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