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Farm Share Wednesday July 28

Good morning!

Last week was nuts working on recovery from the perpetual rain. We still have areas to clean up but we have been busy harvesting potatoes and garlics to make room to plant more radishes and greens.

Last week had an absence of greens since we have been destroying those that were standing in water or kept saturation on high value plants like tomatoes. Young lettuces that were not impacted by the flooding will be harvested as they are ready. We will start to add some of these to the shares slowly and thank everyone for their patience.

Our processor at Morning Star is OPEN! They will be ramping up production in the coming weeks. We were able to get some whole chickens processed by them last week. Thank you, again, to everyone who contributed to their recovery fund.

Here's the list of what you'll be receiving today:







-Basil and Parsley

For today's protein, you will be getting a whole chicken. Check out our recipe on how to maximize your whole chicken here:

A member commented that their herbs do not last very long. If you are experiencing this as well, we recommend a couple of things to make sure that you get to use your wonderful herbs. First, consider making a dressing or marinade out of your herbs using your favorite oil and vinegar the day you get your share. The acid will preserve your herbs until you are ready to use them within the week. Second suggestion, get a nice jar full of water and place the herbs in there on your counter like a bouquet-use them throughout the week as you need them. We tried this last week and they are still lush and green.

As always, thank you so much for your support! Sending lots of love and warm wishes.

-Sollohub Family Farm

Today's PSA- Get vaccinated! Together we can keep our community healthy and our health care workers protected from unnecessary loss of life. Not sure where to get one for FREE? Check out this website to find one in your area:

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