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2024 - CSA Farm Share

Dear Friends in Food,

The sun is getting higher in the sky, and the days are lengthening anew. And so we turn again to seed packets and garden plans, with hopes set high for abundance... It's time to prepare for a new and bountiful season, fruitful with homegrown veggies and rekindled friendships, alike.

We have a full year under our belts now at our new location, and I can happily say that the sky is the limit here on this magical piece of ground. Nestled in the Tsatsawassa Creek valley, in the southeast corner of Averill Park and on the Rensselaer Plateau, this farm is a living reflection of those who have loved and toiled here before us.

So much is yet to be rediscovered. There are new garden beds to build, fences to string, and structures to repair. But last year proved the soils to be deep and fertile. There is a new hoophouse erected, and tomato trellises strung. Dozens of beds have been prepared with rich composted manure, and have shown their promise to fill larders and adorn your kitchen tables.

So join us please, and grab your spot in this season's CSA Farm Share. Your support will fuel the continued reincarnation of this special place, and as always, be a vote for cleaner, more healthful food, grown close to home.

The Farm Share:

As before, weekly shares will consist of a hearty, family-sized selection of 6-10 varieties of seasonal greens, vegetables and herbs. We plan to kick off in mid June, as early as the weather allows, and will run long enough to provide 12 weeks worth of shares.

Super excited to partner again with the new and wonderful Sand Lake Merchant, where you will go to grab your weekly goods, either on Wednesdays or Fridays, depending upon your selection.

Thanks to all of you, for your continued interest and support of this little farm. Looking forward to seeing and feeding you soon.


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