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Week 2 Farmshare - June 13, 2021

Good Morning, Fresh Food Friends!

We've completed the morning harvest, washing and packing of today's garden goodies, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Last week's pick-up seemed to go pretty well, so please continue to meet us on the Crystal Lake roadside at the picnic table with the blue umbrella and we can help you with your items.

Today you will be getting:

- Pac Choi

- Portuguese Kale

- Radishes

- Garlic Scapes

- Dandelion Greens

- Red Romaine Lettuce

- Garlic Chives, Oregano and Mint

- A small handful of Shiitake Mushrooms (unfortunately the timing of this mushroom flush didn't work out too well for the Sunday crowd, but we hope you can enjoy this little taste while we work on getting more for you in a future share.)

For this week's protein, you will be getting a beautiful 4-pack of bone-in pork chops. These chops are from pigs raised right here at our home on natural forages, grain, milk and finished on apple pomace from the fine folks at Nine Pin Cider. Cut to include portions from the loin, tenderloin and ribs, these should be pretty special chops!

Some ideas to try with this week's ingredients: we like to grill chops like these on a slow, indirect heat after they've had a chance to soak up a nice dry rub - we really like this recipe that comes originally from the famous Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse. We also enjoy this recipe for Garlic Pac Choi - you can substitute some chopped scapes for the garlic. And while we're on the topic

of garlic scapes, here's a great article with 10 ways to prepare this special, seasonal treat. Don't forget that those radishes also have tasty tops - here's a good recipe for Radish Greens Pesto that you may enjoy. And, finally, here's one for Sautéed Dandelion Greens. Please let us know what other ideas you find, and we'll happily share them with everyone.

Available Add-Ons:

Along with your weekly share, the following items are available this week:

Chicken Pot Pie (Made with our pasture-raised chicken) - $12 each

Fresh Eggs from our friends at Reynolds Family Farm - $5/doz

Viola Plants Potted in Hand-Made Pottery, also from the Reynolds' Family - $15 each

As always, we thank you for your continued support!

With love and gratitude,

Mark, Diana Eva and Noah

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