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Happy Holidays

Hello Friends, Hello Neighbors,

So much gratitude this evening as I sit to write this message. The past year has been an incredibly challenging one in so many ways unfit to recount. But in this final month of 2021 we huddle close and recharge indoors. We remember our customers, our friends, our progress, and we feel bolstered by so many blessings.

Thanks to your steadfast support, this year marked our 4th successful CSA season. We've grown a bit each year, adding more customers, and adding new varieties of vegetables and different cuts of pork and poultry. We've learned and implemented new practices like no-till/no-dig, built a barn and even welcomed two beautiful Jersey cows to our little farm. The cows' manure and bedding feeds the compost that feeds the veggies, and the extra milk and whey goes to the pigs that make the bacon. The hay that feeds the cows comes from fields just up the road. We are closer to the goal of regenerative, sustainable agriculture than we've ever been ... but there's still so much more to learn and so much more to do.

At this small scale of production, an important lesson we continue to learn is the vital nature of collaboration and mutual support of other local enterprises... without the help of other local businesses like Nine Pin Cider, Out of the Ordinary Nursery, Reynold's Farm, Morningstar Poultry, Stratton's Custom Meats and Rolf's Pork Store, our farm share simply would not work.

It is in this spirit of partnership and collaboration that we look towards the upcoming 2022 season, and in so doing, we are proud to announce two local additions to our farm share: Four Fat Fowl Creamery and Bees Knees Bakery. Next year, each week's share of veggies and pork or poultry can also include award-winning local cheese and fresh bread, muffins or other baked goods! We think you will love the products from these folks as much as we do, and we are proud to help you get your hands on more local food, locally.

What's that you ask? Where do you sign up? Well, don't worry, membership for next year's farm shares opens soon! We'll limit shares to return customers only, at first, in hopes that you'll stick with us. Stay tuned, more info to follow..

Thanks again, and see you soon,


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