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Fill Your Freezer - New Items in Stock!

Hello local-food-loving friends,

We have some great new items in stock, and more on the way.

Help us make room in our freezers by filling yours with some of our homegrown, pasture-raised pork and poultry!

Available NOW:

-Chorizo (OUTSTANDING at breakfast with eggs, on a tortilla or however you like. Perfectly seasoned with chili, cumin and cinnamon ... spicy, but not too hot.)

-Country Style Ribs (Chops from the shoulder. More marbling than your standard pork chop, and perfect for braising, slow cooking or smoking... one dry rub away from BBQ heaven.).

-BACON (Need we say more?)

-Smoked Ham Steaks (Nourish your inner lumberjack. Rub with some brown sugar or honey, and hit the cast iron skillet.)

-Smoked Kielbasa (Perfect with some mustard, rye bread, sauerkraut or especially with horseradish.)

-Chicken Pot Pie (Made with our pasture-raised chicken. There are still some left. Order quickly before we eat them.) (Nom.)

-Whole Chickens (We have some really nice looking birds, from 3-5lbs. Not listed in online store due to the range of size, but call/text/email what you're looking for and we'll set you up.)

-Chicken Breast (Two pieces per package, lean and clean.)

Order by 11am 10/31 for local delivery on Halloween! Otherwise, we can arrange for pick-up on Crystal Lake Road, or delivery throughout the upcoming week. Thanks as always for your support!

See you soon,


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