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Farmshare at Nine Pin - 6/9/2021

Good Morning!

We've had a great time this week as we begin to harvest CSA shares and continue to plant seeds and seedlings to carry us through the season. As expected, the first edition of the CSA is full of greens and fresh herbs, and we have some really nice looking stuff for you that we think you will enjoy. Here's a list of what you'll be getting:

- Lettuce Mix

- Portugueses Kale (these look like collards, but taste a bit milder)

- Yellow Swiss Chard

- Pac Choi

- Log-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms

- Chives, Mint, Oregano and Garlic Scapes

For today's protein, you will be getting 1 chicken half, a pack of Italian Sausage and as a thank you for your membership, we'll be sharing a Chicken Pot Pie with you as well. Our poultry processor, Morning Star Poultry, also operates a bakery where they make delicious pot pies with all natural and strictly GMO free ingredients - of course, these pies are made with our own pasture-raised chicken. We really like them (especially our hungry teenagers) and we think you will too.

If you're wondering what to do with your fresh ingredients, maybe consider making a marinade with olive oil, a bit of apple cider vinegar and some of your fresh herbs ... rub into the chicken half and allow to marinate as it thaws - then you can grill it tonight! The garlic scapes are just getting started now, and we should have some more for you next week. You can use the scapes just like you would use garlic - they are outstanding in salad dressings, or you can even sauté them and serve with grilled sausages on rolls. Or, now that the weather is easing up a bit, you might even want to try using your sausage and kale in this soup recipe. Please remember to share any recipes that you have success with, so we can try them too, and share them in future posts.


Mark, Diana, Eva and Noah

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