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Farm Share July 18, 2021

Good morning!

We hope everyone made it out ok with all of the insane storm. This season has brought challenging weather which has only inspired more plans for better infrastructure and drainage on the farm.

We feel very blessed since the existing infrastructure slowed some of the monsoon in the lower field. The upper fields with the new hoop house (full of tomatoes and peppers) did very well and suffered very little damage.

We have been harvesting garlic, ripping out lettuces to help tomato plants dry out, moving the animals to dry areas, and repairing electrical in the barn that suffered some damage from a lightening strike! We will know if some of our crops are lost to disease over the next several days. Everything has been draining out slowly and we will be rebuilding beds that suffered damage after the rest of the water recedes. Our replanting will be delayed since the forecast calls for more rain in an already saturated environment over the next week.

Overall, we have bounced back thanks to our wonderful neighbors who came by to help clean up and salvage crops that would have been lost to rot. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by or reached out.

If any of you need a hand, please reach out as well! We are here to help anyone with anything.

Here's the list of what you'll be receiving today:





-Kohlrabi (greens can be cooked like chard)



-Lemon Basil, Purple Basil

For today's protein, you will be getting 1/2 chicken and bratwurst.

Want more pasture raised pork or poultry? Check out our online store! We can put your order together and have it ready for pick up at the farm. We also offer delivery within a 5 mile radius for $5. Delivery is free with orders of $100 or more. We have eggs available from Averill Park's own Reynold's Farm for $5/doz-don't forget to add these on for an epic breakfast this week!

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