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Crazy Times... but Spring's Still Springing

"If you become a crocus in a hidden garden," said his mother, "I will be a gardener.  And I will find you." - Margaret Wise Brown

I'm sure, like ours, your inboxes are flooded with updates from every store, school and business on what they're doing to keep you safe during these strange times. The last thing I want to do is send you all another well-meant but rote missive about how we're washing the pig troughs thrice daily with Clorox solution, and making sure the chickens are using proper social distancing procedures.

At this point, I'm sure we all have pallets of paper products tucked away, and hopefully we all know what we can do to facilitate the best possible outcomes for us and our loved ones. That said, I'd be remiss not to reiterate my gratitude to you, our wonderful customers and CSA members, and update you on what we really are doing differently here on the farm.

Spring marches forward. As of today, we have some pac choi and lettuce in the ground under the hoop house, and we've begun amending garden soil with high-quality compost. Inside, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, greens and herbs are getting started under lights. In the back field, the pigs are healthy, growing well, and are about to be moved to some fresh ground. As far as our CSA goes, everything's still on track for a productive season.

We've added an early processing date with Stratton's, and will have pork loin roasts, chops, sausage and bacon ready for sale in mid-April. We're also going to push the garden a bit, to have some greens and lettuce available to our members well before our June start date. We'd rather not wait in the grocery store line more than needed, and we're betting some of you are thinking the same!

Finally, during these strange times, we feel blessed to have our feet planted in the soil, producing clean, local food. Without you, it simply wouldn't be possible, so as always, thank you for your incredible support.

Stay safe, be well, and wash your hands!

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