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Every Ending is a new Beginning

"Field Trip" Pumpkins are great for pies!

When we set our 2019 CSA timeline to 12 weekly shares this past winter, we never imagined how quickly the three months would fly by. Thanks to you, our faithful members, friends, family and neighbors, each week has been an absolute joy to prepare for.

Our hope is that our 2019 CSA goes out with a bang. Your final basket should be a beautiful one, including at least the following (we'll update the list in the am with any harvest-time changes):

-1 Protein. First come, first pick from pork shoulder roast, bacon, kielbasa, pork hot dogs, sweet Italian sausage, smoked ham or whole chicken.


-Cherry Tomatoes



-Shiitake Mushrooms

-Pie Pumpkin



-Kale (yes, more kale.)




Our farm-life originally centered around providing the best possible food for our family, and is a true honor and privilege to be able to share those ideals and their fruits with you and yours.

Each weekend, we harvest and assemble the contents of your baskets as closely as possible to pick-up time, even if that means starting work before sunrise. Our aim is always to get nutrient-dense, flavorful ingredients into your hands at peak freshness. While this weekly exercise could easily become tedious, it has instead become a happy ritual that we eagerly anticipate. We love seeing you all on Sunday mornings and cherish the opportunity to interact with such caring and like-minded folks, who don't take clean food for granted.

Thank you for your leap of faith in joining us this year. We hope sincerely that you've enjoyed the CSA half as much as we have, and we are ever-grateful for your participation and support.

Looking forward to seeing you (or your doppelgänger) tomorrow, 9-11am, front porch, 135 Crystal Lake Road.

P.S. Don't forget to return your empty baskets :) ... If you inexplicably find yourself in possession of an extra basket or three, please don't panic. There are no penalties for late returns - please feel free to drop one on our front porch or underneath the roadside flower cart at any time.

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