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Week 9

Good evening friends and members. It's still the height of summer here on the homestead, and the pace has leveled-off into an enjoyable sort of hectic.

Sunflowers are in bloom

This summer has been marked by the perpetual motion of kids, cousins, cats, dogs, chickens, goats and swinging hammers. The garden is rotating like never before, as we remove past-prime plants to optimistically re-seed for a fall garden, and the hoop-house tomato plants are reaching for record heights. The sunflowers are finally in bloom, and bunches are available for sale at our roadside stand. Our barn project is slowly marching forward, and this week should allow for the completed installation of the loft floor, allowing us to again work upwards with an eye towards rafters and an eventual roof.

Noah channeling his inner tomato vine

Your Sunday morning visits are a highlight of every week - a punctuation point on progress made and lessons learned. We enjoy the chance to kick back and chat with you all, getting to know new neighbors and friends, and learning how we can serve the community better. That said, here's what we plan to share with you tomorrow:

Beer-can chicken on our Weber Kettle

-1 Whole Chicken. Smaller than week 7, but will make a nice meal with leftovers and chicken stock for later. The same batch of chickens will supply next week's share, too, so you can expect a slightly larger bird for week 10. We've been exclusively feeding these birds GMO free grain from Elsworth Family Farm in Easton, NY to supplement their natural forage, and we proudly believe that this is the healthiest and most humanely raised chicken around.

-Tomatoes. A good number of large and medium sized tomatoes, with a small brown bag of cherry tomatoes, perfect for salads, omelets or throwing at misbehaving dogs.

-1 Summer squash or zucchini

-2 Bulbs of Hard-neck Garlic

-Onion. 1 sweet yellow and 2 small white.

-French Breakfast Radishes



-Mint, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil and Thyme.

Looking forward to seeing you and your empty basket tomorrow morning, 9-11am, 135 Crystal Lake Road, Averill Park!

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