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Staying Cool

German White Garlic hung on Adirondack chair to cure

Good afternoon folks! Tomorrow marks basket 6 of 12. We're having fun growing and preparing your weekly shares, and it's hard to believe it's already halftime.

Work this week has included small progress on the barn project, harvesting garlic, hanging tomatoes, weeding, mulching and an inspirational and educational trip to the Rodale Institute's annual Organic Field Day. We failed to shake off the heatwave on the ride back from the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and so the weekend focus is mainly on keeping the livestock cool and well-watered.

The Goods:

-Rather than fight to keep fresh chicken fresh, we return to our Berkshire pork for your weekly protein. We'll have a small variety of beautiful cuts available, including tenderloin, shoulder steaks and some sausage.. first arrival gets first pick.

-Tomatoes. At least a few. We're on the precipice of tomato paradise, so cross your fingers and get your saucepans ready for the back-nine.

-Potatoes. Mix of Purple Sun and Adirondack Red (with naturally-occurring anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant).

-Green Beans

-Cabbage (purple or savoyed)

-Romaine Lettuce

-Red Russian Kale

-Onions (white and mild)

Digging Adirondack Red Potatoes


-Herbs: Lemon basil, chives, garlic chives and a sprig of oregano.

Thanks as always for your continued and active support. Your feedback has been constructive, helpful and motivates us to stay on the right track... please continue to share your thoughts, likes and dislikes. Looking forward to seeing you (or your stunt double) tomorrow, 9am-11am, front porch, old white farmhouse. Don't forget your empty basket!

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