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Week 5 update: Good things come to those who weed! (AKA: Introducing!: Maters and Taters!)

Faithful friends and trusty members, please forgive another late update. This Sunday, tomorrow, brings the 5th installment of your local, healthful and lovingly curated basket of clean, nutrient-dense food. Participation, support and good-will are at a two-year high in the CSA, and we runneth over with gratitude for you.

First, admin notes:

-Baskets. One thousand thank you's for your conscientious efforts in swapping empty for full. If you've forgotten a basket or two, no worries, but please bring them along when you can.

-Pickup. Is everyone OK with Sundays 9-11am? We aim to be flexible, so please let us know. Feedback is always appreciated and actionable.

-Eggs. Our friends at Reynolds farm (just east of Glass Lake) have been gracious enough to offer their beautiful eggs at our CSA pick-up for $4/doz.

OK, down to business....

We are super excited about this week's share, as it's finally starting to look like summer in the garden. To celebrate, we proudly offer the following:

- 1 Whole Chicken. Another week larger, these birds are just about perfect. Fed GMO-free, local grain and on fresh grass daily, this is chicken the way it ought to be!

- Tomato! (at least one)

- Mix of 'Kennebec' and 'Purple Sun' new potatoes.

- Green Beans

- Lettuce

- Lacinato (Tuscan or "Dino") Kale

- Beet Greens/Beets (Small, but tasty)

- Garlic

- White Onion

- Parsley

- Rosemary

As to what to do with it all: I'm still stuck on the beer-can chicken, but you can't go wrong with this bird, whether you roast, rotisserie, or even if you simply break it down and freeze for later. I always recommend saving the carcass for stock, and with this week's herbs you can make a beautiful soup.

The ham hock is in honor of the potatoes. These are 'new' potatoes, and should be a bit sweeter and less starchier than the storage type. The skin is not as strong, and it's best you put them to use sooner than later. They'll be great roasted with the chicken, fried up with breakfast or just about anything else, but I hope you consider using the ham hock to build a chowder - you'll never look back! The hock is frozen, so no pressure, you can even explore recipes when the weather feels right to you.

Otherwise, try the green beans raw, or breaded and fried. Add the beet greens to a foil packet with a slice of onion and throw them on the grill for a few minutes. Stuff the chicken with onion and herbs before cooking, or dice them and make a fresh vinaigrette. Maybe, slice the beets thinly and top the salad. Don't forget to let us know what you try, what works, and even what doesn't. We learn as we go, and we're thankful for every lesson!

We hope you enjoy your basket half as much as we enjoy preparing it, and we look forward to seeing you (or your designated survivor) tomorrow, front porch, 135 Crystal Lake Rd., Averill Park, NY, 9am to 11am!

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