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Week 4: Starting to get interesting

Happy Saturday morning everyone!

We are preparing items for tomorrow morning's delivery, and are excited that the garden is starting to turn the corner to Summer. As such, your shares will be seeing some new variety, along with some of the staples. This list is subject to change as we harvest and pack, but you can expect something like:

-Package of 4 pasture raised Pork Chops

-Chioggia Beets


-Hardneck Garlic (Pearse Rd. Sollohub's!)

-White Onion


-Tomato! (Crop is just getting started. Should be just a taste of more to follow)


-Swiss Chard


Please note that if you're interested in extras:

Eggs, bacon and whole chickens are available on this site's storefront. Order online, or email/text what you'd like and I'll be sure to bring it out for you.

CSA note: A couple folks have noticed that the dates on the bacon packaging are incorrect. The smoke house made a mistake on the smoked pork products label. I'm sorry for any concern this may have caused - you have my personal assurance that our CSA pork was processed this June and I think the quality will speak for itself. If you purchase ham later on, you'll see the same mistake, but the fresh pork (i.e. this week's pork chops) are dated correctly.

Thanks for the outstanding effort and cooperation you all have put forth in making arrangements to pick up your food. We hope the knowledge you are feeding your family fresh, local, whole foods makes up for any inconvenience.

If you can, please provide us feedback. We are especially interested in know what you thought about the shiitake mushrooms.

We'll see you tomorrow am at Mike's, 8am-9am. If you can't make it, let us know.

Thank you for your support!

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