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Some Sad News..

We just got some awful news this morning. Earlier this week the Fisher family, the folks who operate Morningstar bakery and poultry processing, suffered a catastrophic fire that leveled their home, farm, bakery and USDA processing plant. Thank goodness, the family was able to get safely out of the buildings, but some horses and dogs were not so lucky.

We've enjoyed getting to know the Fishers this season - if you are a reader of this page then you know we've begun having them process our birds, and hopefully you've had a chance to try their chicken pot pies and the other outstanding products they help us prepare. Just this past Tuesday Diana and Eva were at their farm dropping of the latest batch of chickens, and Eva enjoyed chatting with the littlest of their grandchildren and meeting their puppies.. it's unreal to imagine that the whole place is now gone.

Well, the silver lining here is that the Fishers have already started rebuilding, repairing foundations, and preparing to raise new walls. Another contact of ours in Schoharie reminded us that when the area flooded in 2011, the Amish Community (which the Fishers are a part of) were found in many local neighborhoods helping people clean up and get their feet back under them, and they are known to help whomever they can.

If any of you are interested in helping the Fishers, they are apparently most in need of bottled water to keep workers hydrated during rebuilding efforts, as well as gasoline to run equipment, generators and tools - Stewart's gift cards are reportedly the best way to fill this need. Folks can drop off any donations at the Carrot Barn on Rt. 30 in Schoharie if you happen to be out that way, or we would be happy to bring a donation on your behalf as we'll be traveling there soon. Please feel free to make your donation here, and we will be certain to get it into their hands.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon,


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