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Farmshare Sunday, June 20, 2021

Good Morning,

Sunrise over the garden

Happy Father's Day!

Here's the list of what you'll be receiving today:

-Dino Kale

-Pac Choi

-A big bunch of Garlic Scapes




-Parsley, Rosmary

For this weeks protein, you will be getting 1 package each of our breakfast sausage and chorizo.

If you need some eggs, we have them available this am from AP's own Reynold's Farm for $5/doz. Also available for add-on is Chicken Pot Pie for $12/each, and our very own Chicken Sausage (perfect for a Father's Day cookout). Chicken sausage varieties are Garlic and Sweet Italian: $8.50 for a package of 6 patties.

Some ideas to try with this week's ingredients: Diana grew up eating huevo con chorizo for breakfast, and this has become a family favorite for us too: simply remove the casings from the sausage and cook in a skillet until up to temp. Add 6-8 beaten eggs to the pan and and fold into the sausage as the eggs finish cooking. Serve on a bed of fresh greens and top with feta (cotija or queso fresco, if available). Pair with a corn or flour tortilla or make a taco with your favorite tortilla and a cup of coffee or hot Mexican chocolate. YUM!

We've also enjoyed this recipe for parmesan kohlrabi-instead of garlic powder-we would suggest using some of your fresh scapes. Please let us know what other ideas you find, and we'll happily share them with everyone.

Thanks as always!

-Mark, Diana, Eva and Noah

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