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Farm Share Wednesday September 1, 2021

Season is rolling by! We have more chickens going to the processor next week and we hope to have Chicken Pot Pie back in stock in a couple of weeks. We will share pre-order information very soon! As a heads up, we will be posting Fall pork share reservations very soon, too. Stratton's will be processing 6 pigs in November for our farm. We will be offering halves, whole pigs and custom pork share packages. This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on bacon and sausage for the winter and your holiday hams and pork tenderloins! For today's share, here is what you will be receiving: -Onions -Cucumbers -Lemon Zucchini -Peppers -Tomatoes (heirloom slicers, Romas and cherries)

-Handfull of Tomatillos -Lettuce

-Portugese Kale

-Chard -Jalapeno Peppers -Basil

-Parsley This week's protein is chicken breast and bratwurst. Thank you so much for your support! -Sollohub Family Farm

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