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Seeds are here!

The first of two seed orders just came in the mail today - to me, this is better than Christmas! I don't know if it's just cabin fever, but I swear I can even smell the herbs and vegetables through the seed packets.

The order above is from Johnny's Selected Seeds, which is an awesome company out of Maine. We love Johnny's - most of all because they are geared towards small, sustainable farms in the northeast - but they are also completely transparent and helpful. We're also waiting on an order from Annie's Heirlooms which should be here in a couple days. Annie's is great for (you guessed it:) heirloom varieties, but they also offer high quality and germination rates at a great value. It won't be long before we're starting tomatoes, peppers and eggplant inside and Diana will be hollering at me for the mess I'll inevitably make. Did I say better than Christmas?! When those first seeds triumphantly break the soil surface, it's like New Years, Christmas and your birthday. All at once. You'll see. I'll send you pictures!

To our new CSA members: these aren't my seeds ... these are OUR seeds! To those of you who've already put down your deposit, Thank You! You can see your investment is already at work. We have some other big and small projects in the works too, which are intended to make this year's CSA a success. As we roll along, I'll do my best to keep you posted with photos and progress updates so you can watch your share grow from seed to table.

If you haven't secured your share yet, please feel free to use the shopping cart on this site to either pay the $155 down, or, if you're a champion you can get still 10% off the whole shebang by paying up front. This initial investment goes towards our upfront costs, including seeds, seed starting supplies, and work on a hoop house which will extend our season and facilitate organic growing methods. All of which means more, better food for all of us.

So THANK YOU again for your support. It's gonna be a great year!

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