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Farm Share Sunday, July 11 2021

Here's the list of what you'll be receiving today:

-2 Kale Varieties (Tuscan and Winterbor or White Kale)

-Rainbow Chard

-Lettuce (Romaine, Red Oakleaf, and/or Summercrisp)

-Sweet Pepper (The peppers are coming!)

-1 Large Sweet Alisia Craig Onion



-Parsley, Basil


For this weeks protein, you will be getting breakfast sausage and bacon. You can fry up some bacon this morning with a scramble of eggs and fresh greens! Use the leftover bacon to crumble atop a fresh bed of lettuce and chopped scallions for a beautiful salad... try mixing olive oil, vinegar and chopped garlic, parsley and basil for a great dressing. Maybe try sautéing your pepper and onion until caramelized, and serve over browned breakfast sausages - YUM!

Want more pasture raised pork or poultry? Check out our online store! We can put your order together and have it ready for pick up at the farm. We also offer delivery within a 5 mile radius for $5. Delivery is free with orders of $100 or more. We have eggs available from Averill Park's own Reynold's Farm for $5/doz-don't forget to add these on for an epic breakfast this week!

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