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Farm Share, June 25, 2022

Good Morning! Welcome to summer! Here's a list of what you'll be getting:

-Summer Squash

- Radishes

-Kohlrabi -Pac Choi -Swiss Chard -Lettuce -Dandelion Greens

-Red Romaine

-Chinese Cabbage

-Tuscan Kale

-Rosemary, Basil, Parsley, Sage, Chives

Here are today's special items: Protein for omnivore share- 4 boneless pork chops Cheese from Four Fat Fowl- Award winning "St. Stephen." Bread from Bee's Knees Bakery- Chocolate Chip Cookies! These items will be available for pick up shares that pre-ordered with their farm share. They may be added on while supplies last. Reynolds Family Farm and Groves Farm are providing farm fresh pasture-raised eggs that will also be available for add-on ($5/dozen).

Not sure what to do with dandelion greens? Check out this website for many ideas and inspiration on how to prepare these delicate and tasty greens!

Please remember to share any recipes that you have success with, so we can try them too, and share them in future posts. Thanks again, and see you soon! Mark, Diana, Eva and Noah

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