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Farm Share, Friday September 24, 2021

We just want to say THANK YOU for your support this season. We hope you enjoy your last share and hope you will join us next season for more vegetables.

We are pleased to offer pre-order pork farm share packages on our virtual shop. Packages will be ready in early October- just in time for cool weather! We are offering a Holiday Package, Bacon Package and Pork Chop Package. Individual cuts of ribs and pork tenderloin will be posted on our virtual shop as they become available.

As a reminder-it is Chicken Pot Pie pre-order time! Thanks to everyone who already placed an order. Please check out our online store and reserve and stock up on your pot pies today! Orders will be distributed as soon as we get them in stock.

For today's share, here is what you will be receiving:

-Sweet Peppers

-Anaheim Peppers

-Poblano Peppers



-Jalapenos (consider freezing some of these whole to enjoy in the winter in some homemade chili or other spicy comfort food)


-Portugese Kale



-Salad Mix

Today's protein is sweet Italian sausage and your pick of chicken breast, chicken sausage, small whole chicken, or chicken wings. As always, thank you for your support! -Sollohub Family Farm

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