First and foremost, thank you for taking the leap with us into sustainable, local food. We love real food - fresh, crunchy, honest, colorful food. One thing we love more, is sharing that food with friends and family. We are thrilled that you’ll be joining us as we begin our 2018 CSA.

How it works.... For 16 Sundays mornings, from 6/24/18 through 10/7/18, we will bring a basket of food to Mike’s house at 1338 Dean St, Niskayuna. You come pick it up, and enjoy fresh, honestly grown food all week long. Each box will be a share of what is grown from our gardens and pastures.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and has been a proven practice of supporting small farms by providing working capital when farm inventory is in short supply but when work is already ramping up. CSA’s help farms to prepare inputs for a harvest yet to be, as well as to share the successes and difficulties of farming amongst an invested community.

This CSA is intended to provide a premium product. Each week you can expect about 1/2 bushel of the best, healthiest and tastiest food that our region’s weather and organic growing practices can provide. In a given week, your share will include 5-10 varieties of greens, vegetables and herbs. The variety will naturally increase with the season, and our focus will be on GMO free, open-pollinated varieties which maximize flavor, nutrient profile and are ripe upon delivery. Additionally, this CSA will include a protein — usually 1 whole processed chicken (3-4lbs), or our pasture-raised pork, either as a package of bacon, pork-chops, or sausage with each share. We’ll send an email the week before your share with an idea of what to expect, so that you can prepare to use the ingredients as you see fit. We will also provide recipes that we’ve enjoyed and that you might try, as well as ideas on how to maximize the value of your share. We grow our food for taste and nutrition, not necessarily appearance. Your CSA share will be different from what you purchase at the grocery store, but we are confident that as you try each item you’ll love them as much as we do! Of course, we are keen to hear your feedback, both positive and constructive and we trust that you’ll be forthcoming with ideas that can bolster our collective enjoyment of the upcoming season and seasons to follow.

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