Basket Penultimate

Amazing to think it, but we are two shares away from a fall garden, stacking firewood and storing food for another long off-season. This weekend marks our 11th basket, with only one left to go! It's been a true pleasure sharing our harvest with you all this summer, and tomorrow morning should be no exception. Here's what you can expect: -1 Whole Chicken. Pasture raised, GMO free, and ready for the low-and-slow. -Potatoes -Garlic -Onion -Sweet Peppers -Hot Peppers -Tomatoes -Cherry Tomatoes -Mixed Greens -Kale -Dill -Rosemary -Parsley We extend our constant gratitude to you all for your steadfast participation, support and involvement in this CSA.. this summer has been a blast. We're looking

Week 10

Hello friends, just a quick reminder that tomorrow morning is time for your 10th basket of the CSA season. Pick-up is 9-11am on the front porch as always, and your share will include the following: -1 Whole Chicken -Mixed Greens - for salad or sauté (red mustard, mizuna, tatsoi, kale, and arugula) -Tomatoes -Cherry Tomatoes -Kale. 1 bunch each of tuscan/lacinato/dino and scarlet/redbor. -Potatoes -Onions (red and small white) -1 head Garlic -Herbs: Flat Italian Parsley, Garlic Chives, Oregano and Sage Thanks as always for your steadfast support and participation. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow - please remember your empty baskets!

Week 9

Good evening friends and members. It's still the height of summer here on the homestead, and the pace has leveled-off into an enjoyable sort of hectic. This summer has been marked by the perpetual motion of kids, cousins, cats, dogs, chickens, goats and swinging hammers. The garden is rotating like never before, as we remove past-prime plants to optimistically re-seed for a fall garden, and the hoop-house tomato plants are reaching for record heights. The sunflowers are finally in bloom, and bunches are available for sale at our roadside stand. Our barn project is slowly marching forward, and this week should allow for the completed installation of the loft floor, allowing us to again work u

1/2 Bushel Basket of pure Adventure.

Your eighth weekly share: -Berkshire Pork, various cuts, first come, first pick. Options include bacon, ham, shoulder steak, kielbasa and pork butt roast. -Shitake Mushrooms -Onions -Garlic -Adirondack Red Potatoes -Kale -Swiss chard -Tomatoes -Cherry Tomatoes -Zucchini/Summer Squash -Leaf Lettuce -Golden Beets/Beet Greens -Jalapeno -Herbs Please remember to bring back your baskets, we will exchange it for a full one. I can't say enough how much we appreciate your active and faithful participation! Looking forward to seeing your happy faces today, 9-11am, front porch, 135 Crystal Lake Road.


135 Crystal Lake Rd
Averill Park, NY 12018