Week 7

Good evening trusty friends and fearless members! Another week has come and gone and we are again excited to share a basket of fresh, delicious and nutrient-dense food with you and your families. Your seventh weekly share: - 1 Whole Chicken. Plump and perfect.. these are the best of the season. - Potatoes (Yukon gold, Adirondack Red) - Tomatoes large and small - Green Beans - jumbo, flat Italian-style - Romaine Lettuce - Zucchini or Summer Squash - Kale - 1 bunch each of Winterbor and Scarlet - Onions - Garlic - Herbs - dill, parsley, rosemary, lemon basil and sage. I can't say enough how much we appreciate your active and faithful participation! Looking forward to seeing your happy faces to

Staying Cool

Good afternoon folks! Tomorrow marks basket 6 of 12. We're having fun growing and preparing your weekly shares, and it's hard to believe it's already halftime. Work this week has included small progress on the barn project, harvesting garlic, hanging tomatoes, weeding, mulching and an inspirational and educational trip to the Rodale Institute's annual Organic Field Day. We failed to shake off the heatwave on the ride back from the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and so the weekend focus is mainly on keeping the livestock cool and well-watered. The Goods: -Rather than fight to keep fresh chicken fresh, we return to our Berkshire pork for your weekly protein. We'll have a small variety of beau

Week 5 update: Good things come to those who weed! (AKA: Introducing!: Maters and Taters!)

Faithful friends and trusty members, please forgive another late update. This Sunday, tomorrow, brings the 5th installment of your local, healthful and lovingly curated basket of clean, nutrient-dense food. Participation, support and good-will are at a two-year high in the CSA, and we runneth over with gratitude for you. First, admin notes: -Baskets. One thousand thank you's for your conscientious efforts in swapping empty for full. If you've forgotten a basket or two, no worries, but please bring them along when you can. -Pickup. Is everyone OK with Sundays 9-11am? We aim to be flexible, so please let us know. Feedback is always appreciated and actionable. -Eggs. Our friends at Reyno

The 4th and the 4th.

Happy Independence Day weekend! As we speed past the 4th of July, it's already time to harvest our 4th basket. Hoping that everyone is enjoying the goods so far, and hoping that you'll let us know what you like and don't like about the CSA. We value ideas and feedback on everything from logistics to seed selection, so please don't be bashful. Also, your doctor called. They said "keep the greens coming!" Not being the adversarial type, we oblige. Week 4 basket will contain (at least): - 1 Whole Chicken - Lettuce - Kale - Swiss Chard - 1 Fresh Garlic - 1 Zucchini or Summer Squash - Shiitake Mushrooms - BASIL! (A nice bunch of Italian large-leaf, purple, and a bit of Thai basil too) - Mint


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