Week 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week of garden goodness. Sorry for the late update, but I figured I could weed until the thunderstorms rolled through, and then they never did. So I kept weeding. The weeds are exceptional this year. The southeast quarter of our main garden is low and clayey and holds water like a sponge. Too wet to use any mechanical cultivation now, and so the weeds advance. Attacking the higher and dryer areas yielded some progress until one cultivator and then the other succumbed to the abuse of centrifugally propelled missiles of shale and 'deferred' maintenance. What a pain in the brassicas. But the day ended well, and although we bittersweetly announce anoth

Week 2

Thanks to everyone for your outstanding participation last weekend! We had a blast visiting with you all on Sunday morning, and we're looking forward to round 2 tomorrow! The strange weather continues, and while our greens and lettuces are rocking and rolling, the summer veggies have been but limping along. We've faced some serious pest pressure so already, including cabbage worms on the brassicas and potato beetles on the tomatillos and potatoes. Overall though, the garden has held up well despite the wet, and perhaps the nice weather this weekend will give a boost to the zucchinis and cucumbers. Hoophouse tomatoes are coming nicely, and we are hopeful for beets, beans, peppers and othe

Week 1

Hello friends! Here's the details for your first weekly CSA basket... Items: - Pasture-raised Berkshire pork chops - Garlic Scapes - Swiss Chard - Kale - Radishes - Lettuce - Mixed salad greens - Shiitake mushrooms - Herbs: Chives, Mint, Sage Some ideas of what to do with it: Dinner: Grilled or braised pork chops, rubbed with chopped sage, salt and pepper. Serve topped with sliced shiitake mushrooms and diced garlic scapes, sautéed in butter or olive oil. Salad with lettuce and sliced radishes, tossed with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt pepper and chopped chives. If you're grilling those chops, maybe try a foil packet of Swiss chard (cut into big pieces) with some gar

WEEEEK 1, inbound.

We debated much. Thought that with the crazy wet spring and some late plantings, maybe we should push CSA Week 1 to the right by seven days or so... but steadfast determination of germination and photosynthization prevails! CSA week 1 is imminent. We are committed to this coming Sunday, June 16, for the first basket of home-grown goodness, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. For sure, we're anticipating some beautiful greens, garlic scapes, lettuce and herbs for this week's share... and with luck we may also have a couple weather-dependent bonus items. The protein of the week is likely to be pork, as we're picking up our just-processed Berkshire pork from Stratton's Custom Meats th


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