California Grown

I am proud of my roots as a Californian. I lived all over the beautiful state that I deeply miss especially in March in the Northeast. I was born and raised in the California Sacramento San Joaquin Valley. Did you know that more than half of the nations fruits, vegetables, and nuts are grown in California? I was surrounded by agriculture my whole life until I went away to college. My fondest memories involved eating fresh strawberries from roadside stands, riding horses with close friends, and spending lots of time in the hot summer sun. Growing up, I never thought that the large, industrial equipment cultivating miles of acreage was odd. I never stopped to question the pungent, revolti

Proud Veterans, Proud Farmers.

Last Fall Diana and I attended Cornell Cooperative Extension's 2017 Veterans in Agriculture Conference at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY. I had the honor of sitting next to Michael O' Gorman, Executive Director of The Farmer Veteran Coalition, and a founding force in contemporary organic agriculture. Mr. O'Gorman is a true pioneer, having previously run TKO Farms, then Mission Organics and eventually overseeing 1,600 acres of Baja California under organic production. Wow. In hindsight, the questions I coulda/shoulda asked him have kept me awake some nights. Instead, all I could muster was a half-assed insult to the branding he'd created to benefit people like me. I didn't mean to i

Seeds are here!

The first of two seed orders just came in the mail today - to me, this is better than Christmas! I don't know if it's just cabin fever, but I swear I can even smell the herbs and vegetables through the seed packets. The order above is from Johnny's Selected Seeds, which is an awesome company out of Maine. We love Johnny's - most of all because they are geared towards small, sustainable farms in the northeast - but they are also completely transparent and helpful. We're also waiting on an order from Annie's Heirlooms which should be here in a couple days. Annie's is great for (you guessed it:) heirloom varieties, but they also offer high quality and germination rates at a great value. It


First and foremost, thank you for taking the leap with us into sustainable, local food. We love real food - fresh, crunchy, honest, colorful food. One thing we love more, is sharing that food with friends and family. We are thrilled that you’ll be joining us as we begin our 2018 CSA. How it works.... For 16 Sundays mornings, from 6/24/18 through 10/7/18, we will bring a basket of food to Mike’s house at 1338 Dean St, Niskayuna. You come pick it up, and enjoy fresh, honestly grown food all week long. Each box will be a share of what is grown from our gardens and pastures. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and has been a proven practice of supporting small farms by providing work


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