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Sollohub Family Farm is a small farm in Averill Park, NY.


Proudly offering CSA Farm Shares of seasonal vegetables, pastured pork and poultry. 

We believe that clean, wholesome food starts from the ground up - and so we strive to incorporate sustainable agricultural practices and natural processes in all we do:


 Our animals are ethically raised on pasture, with natural forages and locally-sourced grain. Vegetables are grown without industrial inputs, with soil-friendly practices including no-till/low- till and livestock integration. We strictly avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and we do not use GMO seed. 

Cows and dairy goats provide our farm with milk and rich compost.  Pigs forage for apples, oak and hickory mast, and enjoy local hay, milk and locally sourced grain.  Our meat chickens are pasture-raised and see fresh grass each and every day.  We focus on minimizing our carbon footprint and caring for our environment while providing our community with nourishing food.

Come help us participate in a food system that heals rather than harms, that celebrates our earth, and that nourishes both body and soul.  

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