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Sollohub Family Farm is a small farm in Averill Park, NY.


When we had our first child in 2007, we began paying close attention to food quality and sources. To say the least, we wanted something better for our children than commercial agriculture, chain restaurants and big box groceries.

Beginning with green beans trailing out of tiny window boxes on a 900 square foot lot in San Diego, we realized that to provide our family with clean, wholesome and trustworthy food, we had to take ownership of what we consume.

We haven't looked back.  

Growing and eating good, natural food becomes addictive. Each year we strive to produce more to share with friends and family, and to do our part to bring awareness to the local food movement and importance of sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

We grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, poultry and pork, with a focus on heirloom varieties and open-pollinated seed, with heritage breed chickens and pigs raised outside on natural forage. We strictly avoid GMO seed, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and grow food using organic methods and sustainable practices. Also, our farm is a proud member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Pork and chicken are available for retail sale via our website or send us an email.  

We are committed to providing our community with fresh, wholesome food through our CSA and roadside stand. The CSA offers weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of herbs, vegetables, and pork or whole chicken.  2021 CSA shares are SOLD OUT.

If you would like to be added to the 2022 CSA waitlist, please fill out the form below to be added to the list.  We will contact you and current members first before opening up sales to the general public.

2022 CSA Waitlist

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